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Business Economics - Dr. S.Sankaran
  • Problems for Practice
  • BBA and B.Com Periyar University
  • B.Com Tiruvalluvar University
  • B.Com Non-Semester Madras University
  • Past University Exam Papers
  • B.Com Semester – Madras University
  • Definition and scope of Economics
  • Methods : Micro and Macro
  • Economic Growth and Economic Development
  • Role of Economics in Business Decisions
  • Economic System and resource Allocation
  • Utility Analysis of Demand
  • Demand Analysis and Elasticity of Demand
  • Indifference Curve Analysis (Ordinal)
  • Consumer's Surplus
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Factors of Production
  • Law of Returns & Production Function
  • Supply and Elasticity of Supply
  • Linear Programming
  • Cost, Revenue & Break-Even Analysis
  • Theory of Value and Market Structure
  • Equilibrium of the Firm and Industry
  • Perfect Competition
  • Monopoly and Price Discrimination
  • Monopolistic Competition
  • Oligopoly and Duopoly
  • Price Policy & Pricing Methods
  • Theory of Distribution
  • Theories of Rent
  • Wages
  • Interest
  • Profit
  • National Income
  • Business Cycle
  • International Trade
  • Public Finance
  • Contributions of Nobel Economists
Book Author

Dr. S.Sankaran


Margham Publications




Madras, Periyar, Bangalore, Mysore Universities and Common Core Syllabus – University of Andhra Pradesh.

Year Published


Business Economics - Dr. S.Sankaran
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