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Fiscal Economics - Dr. S.Sankaran
  • Definition and Scope of the Subject
  • Public Finance and Private Finance
  • Public Authority
  • Public Revenue
  • The Revenue Goal: Objectives of Taxation
  • Canons of Taxation
  • Theories and Pinciples of Taxation
  • Incidence of Taxation & Burden Shifting
  • Effect of Taxation
  • Taxable Capacity
  • Income Tax
  • Expenditure Tax
  • Taxes on Capital and Wealth
  • Taxes on Commodites
  • MANVAT and MODVAT Schemes
  • Taxation on Agricultural Incomes
  • Non-Tax Revenue
  • Public Expenditure
  • Maximum Social Advantage (The Principle of Public Finance)
  • Public Debt
  • The Budget and Financial Administration
  • Fiscal Policy
  • Federal Finance
  • Finance Commissions
  • Railway Finances
  • Finance of State Governments
  • Local Finance
  • Public Enterprises: Performance & Pricing
  • Indian Tax System: Recent Trends in Public Finance
  • More About Public Expenditure: (Law, Hypothesis and Views)
  • The Theory of Private & Social Goods: Externalities & Market Failure
  • Pareto's Concept: Social Welfare: Efficiency and Externality
  • The Eleventh Finance Commission
  • The Twelfth Finance Commission
  • Analysis of Central Budgets and Budgetary Trends
  • Fiscal Policy of India in the Liberalised Era
  • Appendix I      :Tables – Statistical Information
  • Appendix II    :Question Bank ( Review Questions in A,B,C pattern)
  • Appendix III   :Objective Type Questions
  • Multiple Choice Questions
  • Fill in the blanks
  • True or False Statements
  • Matching Type
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Dr. S.Sankaran


Margham Publications





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Fiscal Economics - Dr. S.Sankaran
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