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Practical Auditing (Natarajan)
  • Introduction to Auditing
  • Classification of Audit
  • Preparation for an Audit
  • Internal Control, Internal Check and Internal Audit
  • Vouching – Its Meaning and Importance
  • Vouching of Cash Transactions
  • Vouching of Trading Transactions
  • Audit of Ledgers
  • Vouching of Impersonal Ledger
  • Verification and Valuation of Assets and Liabilities – I
  • Verification and Valuation of Assets and Liabilities-II
  • Depreciation
  • Reserves and Provisions
  • Appointment, Rights and Duties of Auditors
  • Auditor’s Liabilities
  • Special Considerations in a Company Audit
  • Presentation of Financial Statements
  • Audit of Share Capital
  • Auditing in EDP Environment
  • Contingencies and Events Occurring after the Balance Sheet Date (AS4) and PriorPeriod Items and Changes in Accounting Policies (AS5)
  • Audit Report
  • Investigation
  • Audit of Special Entities
  • Professional Ethics and Misconduct
  • Bank Audit
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Practical Auditing (Natarajan)
Author Dr. L. Natarajan
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